“Long Island American Cowgirl.  Born, bred and branded in New York, I stayed for a long while then had the itch to take the trail less traveled. So I went out west to SF and lived on a ranch– where the horses ran wild along with my imagination. Home on the range was brilliant for a spell, and then the winds moved me in another direction. I longed for brighter lights… bigger city. I saddled up and headed east to the rodeo of Madison Avenue. It’s been a great ride ever since.”

A smart cowgirl knows that moving brands is kind of like moving cattle. You have to be agile, focused, and responsive. You have to have intuition. And the ability to see ahead. You need to read the situation and have a keen eye. And know your consumer like you know your horse. Intimately. Inside out. As if you were one. You find the connection. You build trust. You have grace. And understand how shifting winds effect change.

It’s all in a good day’s work….

…and in the DNA of a long, storied career that has built global brands into icons of popular culture, across every platform under the sun.